ITE Fiesta 2015: Joint project with ITE Singapore

In Jun 2014, AGHRM and ITE started a student project to develop a prototype for mobile attendance. Mobile attendance leverage on the location services provided by the hand phone and uses an external fingerprint scanner to uniquely identify the employee who is reporting for work.

When this is integrated back to AGHRM HR cloud platform, what we get is a working business solutions for companies to track staff attendance. This is especially helpful for companies with large and mobile workforce like equipment servicing, cleaning services, etc.

AGHRM HR cloud provides an integrated solution to track the in and out timings of employees and automate processes such as:

  1. Lateness processing
  2. Automatic overtime/shift allowance calculation
  3. Perfect Attendance processing
  4. Catching "phantom" worker

For more information about AGHRM solutions, please visit our website

This collaboration has resulted in the successful deployment of the mobile attendance solutions to an kitchen equipment servicing company with over 200 employees and help to reduce significant administrative costs for them. 

On 30 and 31 Aug 2015, this project is showcased in ITE College East. Below are some scenes from the event.